CAP Corporation has partnered with Cortical Metrics to integrate their award-winning Brain Gauge Technology

CAP corp is an organization founded to prevent concussions.alt

CAP (Concussion Active Prevention) Corporation and Cortical Metrics announced today that they have signed a long-term strategic alliance to realize market opportunities that will utilize their joint assets.

Cortical Metrics has been dedicated to developing objective, quantitative, reliable and efficient assessments of brain performance by merging state-of-the-art engineering and neuroscience. Originally spun out of the University of North Carolina following decades of neuroscientific research, Cortical Metrics works with a large consortium of researchers specializing in neurological disorders.

The integration of Brain Gauge into the CAP program allows CAP to cross-communicate data between two different fields in concussion research that has never been done before. This means they can identify the modifiable risk factors in an athlete's physiology by analysing the kinematics of the body along with the neurological systems in the brain and spinal cord. This data provides a first-hand insight into markers that predict an athlete's likelihood of sustaining a concussion and the opportunity to prevent it through theCAP program.

Mark Tommerdahl, CEO of Cortical Metrics, stated that, "We are very enthusiastic about the intregrating the Brain Gauge technology into the CAP Program. The data obtained from their breakthrough CAP RAM machine will provide new insights into our concussion research. Our partnership with CAP Corp opens the door to a multi-parametric approach to concussion assessment that could significantly improve our understanding of concussion prevention and treatment" commented Mark Tommerdahl, CEO of Cortical Metrics.

Kim Adolphe, CAP Co-Founder commented, "It is such a privilege and honor to work with Mark and his team. Both companies have similiar corporate goals - to continue to conduct brain research that delivers practical and effective tools to reduce concussions. Part of our agreement is to dedicate a percentage of revenues towards joint research initiatives. We are looking forward to a long-term, successful partnership."

CAP Co-Founder Sherwin Ganpatt added that, "We conducted an exhaustive search of biometric devices that could assess different sensory motor regions of the brain and correlate that data to the neuromuscular improvements we see with the CAP training protocol. Brain Gauge met and exceeded our objectives".

About Cortical Metrics

Cortical Metrics is dedicated to developing objective, quantitative, reliable and efficient assessments of brain performance, and we have pursued this goal by merging state-of-the-art engineering and neuroscience. The design of our methodology is based on decades of neuroscientific research. Much of this research is based on high-resolution invasive methods that examine interactions between groups of neurons in the brain. Cortical Metrics are the perceptual correlates of those interactions.

The expertise of our team encompasses many fields within neuroscience and engineering, and we work with a large consortium of researchers who specialize in many different neurological disorders.

Cortical Metrics was spun out of research conducted at the University of North Carolina.

For more information, visit us at or email Mark Tommerdahl

About CAP Corporation

CAP™ Corp was founded on the principle that preventing concussions is not about changing the sport, it’s about changing the athlete. The CAP program puts control in the hands of coaches and athletes at all levels of sport. It is comprised of the patented CAP RAM neck strength testing machine, online neck training courses, an award winning, advanced neurological testing system – Brain Gauge, and a cloud-based management and tracking system. CAP Corp is a social enterprise that funds amateur sports and concussion research by working closely with coaches, athletes, and leading scientists at Universities, Government, and Private Institutes.

For more information, visit us at or call Kim Adolphe at 403-263-8649

Mark Tommerdahl

CEO & Co-Founder of Cortical Metrics

Mark Tommerdahl, a neuroscientist and faculty member at the University of North Carolina, has a broad range of research interests that center on cortical mechanisms of information processing. Initial studies that made observations via extracellular recordings and optical imaging of stimulus-evoked cortical-cortical interactions in non-human primates led to the development and application of novel human sensory perceptual testing methods and technologies to research across a broad spectrum of neurological disorders. Neurological areas of interest include concussion/TBI, developmental disorders (e.g., autism), aging, and chronic pain. Dr. Tommerdahl is also co-founder of Cortical Metrics, a company that is actively developing neurosensory assessment technology that can be widely distributed. Education: B.S., Biology, Davidson College; MS and Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics, University of North Carolina.

Kim Adolphe

Co-Founder & Director of CAP Corp

Kim oversees CAP's corporate strategy, financial operations, and commercialization of the CAP Program. She is a successful entrepreneur and CEO with years of experience launching startups, managing R&D teams, and commercializing new and innovative technologies. She has an undisputable track record pioneering eLearning and mobile technologies as the Founder and CEO of Gemini SWIFT Learning. Kim currently sits on several boards and previously sat on the Canadian Advanced Technology Association and the Canadian Advanced Technology Women in Technology.

She actively gives back to the community by donating time and resources that help keep young people safe and active. CAP is a social enterprise organization that donates 30% of their revenues to amateur sports and research. Kim is also a co-founder of The Safety in Schools Foundation of Canada, a non-profit organization which began in 2010 delivering Gemini's online workplace safety courses free to High Schools in Alberta and has expanded to Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Sherwin Ganpatt##

Co-Founder & Director of CAP Corp

Sherwin oversees the technical development of the CAP program. He has owned and operated his own strength training academy since 2012. At 14, Sherwin attained his black belt training under Sensei Mike Woodford. He then trained at the UCS training center for 12 years under Greg LeBoeuf, a hand-to-hand combat instructor for elite military groups including JTF2, the Navy SEALs and SWAT. That led him to Charles Poliquin, an internationally famous strength coach and medicine practitioner. Sherwin took the advice of these two exceptional mentors to always seek the most skilled person in any field.

He has been taught by the best in ayurvedic medicine, lab testing, gastrointestinal health, detoxification, rehabilitation, metabolic syndrome, Chinese medicine, psychology, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, hypnosis, biofeedback, brain chemistry, NLP, endocrinology, and genetics, among others. Sherwin has his UCS instructor certification (the only trainer to ever be certified by this body, to date). He is trained in boxing, kickboxing, kali, Jeet Kune Do, Brazilian Ju-jitsu and full contact stick fighting, but his passion is strength training.

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