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How short bursts of exercise can boost cognition
Reaction time (RT) is one of the most common ways to measure brain activity. Simple reaction time - the time elapsed between a stimulus and corresponding response - has been used to assess cognitive function in both healthy and impaired individuals. Reaction time variability (RTvar) - a measure of the standard deviation of reaction time scores - can be used to quantify attention span, and tends to be higher in people with ADHD and other attention disorders.

We conducted a study which


Why the Brain Gauge works for people of all ages

We often get asked whether age-related declines in skin sensitivity can affect your Brain Gauge scores. This is a legitimate concern, as confounding factors in the peripheral nervous system can invalidate many neurological tests. If peripheral sensory receptors are transmitting weak or noisey signals in response to a certain stimulus, the test will fail to effectively activate the central nervous system. Fortunately, we kept this issue in mind during our research and development, and have designed the Brain Gauge to deliver reliable and meaningful neurological tests.

Each Brain Gauge test