New! Brain Training with the Brain Gauge

Brain training 1.0 with the Brain Gauge is no longer in beta testing though versions 2.0 and 3.0 are! If you would like to add brain training to your Brain Gauge, simply contact to get the free update.

What is Brain training?
Brain training refers to a range of cognitive exercises, activities, or programs designed to enhance and optimize various mental processes, such as memory, attention, problem-solving, and reasoning. The primary aim of brain training is to stimulate and challenge the brain's neural networks in order to potentially improve cognitive functions and performance over time. This concept is often associated with the idea that engaging in targeted mental exercises can lead to positive changes in cognitive abilities, akin to how physical exercises can enhance physical fitness.

Why is brain training useful?
The short answer is that as we age, cognitive reserve may decline. "Cognitive reserve" refers to the brain's ability to maintain optimal cognitive function despite the presence of age-related changes or neurological damage. It acts as a protective mechanism that allows individuals to better cope with cognitive decline or brain injuries. This concept suggests that some people are more resilient to the effects of aging and neurological diseases due to factors such as education, mental stimulation, social engagement, and lifelong learning. Essentially, individuals with a higher cognitive reserve have a greater capacity to adapt, compensate, and utilize alternative brain networks when faced with cognitive challenges, helping them maintain cognitive abilities and delay the onset of cognitive decline or dementia.

What is brain training using the Brain Gauge?
Brain training entails enhancing brain fitness and bolstering cognitive reserve. Essentially, it draws a parallel to physical fitness training, but for the betterment of your brain's health. Envision the Brain Gauge brain training platform as comparable to a gym's exercise area. Just as a fitness center employs a variety of equipment to address different dimensions of physical fitness and various muscle groups, the Brain Gauge training platform employs multiple exercises to stimulate different facets of brain fitness. Moreover, the Brain Gauge testing platform, which achieves success by targeting the fundamental components of central nervous system information processing, also features a training platform. This training platform is designed to exercise these crucial building blocks of brain function.

The design of the Brain Gauge training platform is strategically crafted to enable users to conveniently access various tests tailored to different performance levels. One way to liken this is to the act of lifting weights on a workout bench. Consider if you struggle with lifting 100 lbs; in such a scenario, you'd engage in practicing with a slightly lower weight, performing multiple repetitions at that reduced weight over a span of a few weeks. This regimen prepares you to eventually attempt lifting the 100 lb weight once again. Similarly, the structure of the Brain Gauge training platform operates on a comparable principle. In forthcoming posts, further details about its specifics will be outlined.

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