How to use the Brain Gauge training platform

The Brain Gauge has a unique training platform and perhaps the best way to introduce it is to simply start using it. If you have been using a Brain Gauge, you are familiar with the screenshot shown belowPicture1-6
Note that under "Testing options" the user can select "Start testing" or "Start training". The "Start Training" option is circled - this is the one you select.

Once you have selected the training option, another screen will appear, as depicted with the screenshot below.
This is the menu for the Brain Gauge training platform. Note the headers for each column indicate a specific exercise. The rows (1-5) are different levels of difficulty with row 1 the easiest and row 5 the most difficult.

The platform is designed to be like an exercise equipment room. Different pieces of equipment (the columns of different exercises) target different aspects of physical fitness. The different Brain Gauge exercises target different aspects of brain fitness. In an equipment room, after you have selected your specific exercise (the column) you next select a level of difficulty (Row 1 through 5). Selection is made by clicking on a "box". Note that some of the boxes are gray and others are green with a % score. Gray indicates that the test has not been performed at that level. If the level is "passed" (80% or better) then the box is colored green. Any test at any level can be conducted at any time - just like an exercise equipment room.
Level 1 is the only level that provides instructions (nobody wants to sit through instructions twice - takes way too long!).

Obviously, you can go straight to any level for any exercise at any time. But it might be helpful to "warm-up" just like you would on a weight machine (i.e., start easy at lower levels and work up to higher levels).

What should you concentrate on? If you have tested with the Brain Gauge, you are familar with the scoring system such as the one below.Picture5
Note that in this case, Speed and TOJ are the weakest scores. To improve those scores, simply focus your efforts on those columns.
How long will it take to improve your brain function (i.e., your Brain Gauge scores)? Brain fitness training is not that different from physical fitness training. If you wanted to improve how much weight you could lift or how fast or long you could run, you wold expect it to take more than a single session. Training needs to be consistent - perhaps 5-10 minutes per day for 2-3 times per week- to see an impact (more posts and videos on that later!) Track your progress with the data analysis app, such as shown below, to get a better idea about how much you need to train and how often to maximize optimal brain function.


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