Telemedicine and Remote Testing with Brain Gauge

A new way to monitor patient’s health from afar.

Considering all the inconveniences of going to a doctor’s office, it’s no wonder the use of telemedicine (the remote delivery of health care services using technology) is growing rapidly. Between the hassles of making an appointment, office wait times, and being around sick patients, why go to the office if you have the option to see the doctor from the comfort of your own home?

Smart phones, video conferencing, and online platforms increase the accessibility of health care providers while maintaining a high standard of care. Costs are generally lower (on average, less than $50 for a virtual visit compared to over $100 for an in-person visit), and without the added time of commuting to an office, patients have more flexibility to fit in appointments during their busy lives.

While 74% of surveyed patients said they’d opt for virtual visits, adoption of telemedicine requires the development of technologies that enable effective virtual communication between medical providers and their patients.

We are now offering a new remote testing service which easily gives doctors access to their patients’ results from Brain Gauge tests taken at home.


During an initial office visit (or video conference appointment) with a medical provider, patients can take a Brain Gauge test to assess their cognitive health. The provider may choose to deliver a standard test, or can customize the test for their patient’s specific concerns. This test can be completed in the office with the provider’s Brain Gauge Pro, or can be taken at home after the patient has received their Brain Gauge Home. After reviewing the patient’s results, the provider can recommend an appropriate treatment plan, and give their patient a Brain Gauge Home for remote testing after the initial appointment.

While testing at home, patients can track their recovery and feel encouraged by their progress - or know when it’s time to consider other treatment options. Remote testing allows providers to easily monitor their patient’s progress without scheduling in-office visits.

With the purchase of a Brain Gauge MD or Brain Gauge Pro, medical providers have the option to participate in our Remote Testing program, and continue to monitor patients as they test at home with the Brain Gauge Home. For more information on adding remote testing to your practice, or to find a provider near you, email

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