Valentine's Day: The Health Benefits of Love

Here at Cortical Metrics, we are constantly looking for ways to improve health and brain function. With the Brain Gauge, we are able to measure how small changes in our lives impact our health - having the numbers to prove that the supplement you started taking last month is actually working makes it even more rewarding. This Valentines Day, you might find yourself indulging in chocolates, blushing at a bouquet of surprise flowers, or spending extra time with someone special. We discussed the benefits of chocolate in a previous post, and today we are talking about the health benefits of happiness and love.

There are short-term and long term health benefits of the joy love can bring to your life. Neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine are released by the brain in situations that are new and exciting, say a much anticipated date night with someone you love. Getting a surge of this "feel-good" hormone is sure to provide numerous health benefits including increased focus, energy and improved cognition.

You've also probably heard that happy people tend to live longer, and results of a study proved this fact to be true. Being in love and having lasting relationships can contribute to a healthier life and has even been linked to improving heart health.

So, on this day founded in love and romance, eat that extra piece of chocolate, and really enjoy any special plans you might have tonight - it might just help you more than you think!

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