How to use the Brain Gauge training platform

The Brain Gauge has a unique training platform and perhaps the best way to introduce it is to simply start using it. If you have been using a Brain Gauge, you are familiar with the screenshot shown belowPicture1-6
Note that under "Testing options" the user can select "Start testing" or "Start training". The "Start Training" option is circled - this is the one you select.

Once you have selected the training option, another screen will appear, as depicted with the screenshot below.


Treating chronic pain with brain training?

Can the Brain Gauge be used to decrease pain or improve brain function?
For many years, people have found modest success with treating different forms of chronic pain with different types of tactile stimulation (vibration, electrical stimuli, etc.). Results from those studies (and there were quite a few) are both divergent in terms of results obtained from tactile stimulation and inconclusive. In our own work, we demonstrated a reduced effect of high frequency tactile stimulation (this means we delivered 150 Hz vibration to the skin at the same time as


Parallels between brain fitness and physical fitness

Brain Fitness is not that different from physical fitness and shares many similarities, despite targeting different aspects of health. Here are some ways in which brain training for brain fitness is similar to physical training for physical fitness are similar:

Goal of Improvement: Both brain training and physical training aim to enhance specific aspects of health and performance. Brain training targets cognitive functions like speed, accuracy, attention, and problem-solving, while physical training focuses on improving strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Adaptation: Both types of training rely on the principle of adaptation.


New! Brain Training with the Brain Gauge

Brain training 1.0 with the Brain Gauge is no longer in beta testing though versions 2.0 and 3.0 are! If you would like to add brain training to your Brain Gauge, simply contact to get the free update.

What is Brain training?
Brain training refers to a range of cognitive exercises, activities, or programs designed to enhance and optimize various mental processes, such as memory, attention, problem-solving, and reasoning. The primary aim of brain training is to stimulate and challenge the brain's neural networks


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